Speedyround Plus ®

• Touch screen for easy handling by the machine operator.
• Heating element to soften the interior of the rim at areas of repair.
• The machine is fully automatic. The operator needs only to mount the rim on the machine and use the touch screen to effect the rim repair.
• Touch screen is mainly in symbols and in English.
• Working capacity is 10″ to 28″ rims which covers all types of car rims.
• Precisely manufactured by us in Italy form high quality materials according to EEC standards and EEC accident protection standards.
• Compact design which will fit easily into any tyre repair shop.
• Checks rims for structural defects, including micro-fractures and concentricity faults and repairs inner rim.
• Provides good extra income for tyre repair shops.
• Right section of the machine utilises the natural elasticity of the rim metal to restore concentricity.
• Left Section of the machine has the added PLUS features which assists to shape any residual rim fault and effects a perfect rim repair.
• Both right and left seciton are independently controlled and therefore 2 rims may be saparately repaired at the same time.