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Tecnologie e meccanica applicate


There is a place where innovations are born daily, out of necessity, sometimes by circumstance. Where thinking and doing are so intermingled they are seldom done separately. This is a place where innovators gather. Which is a conducive place for creativity, serving as a channel for customer input to problem solving. It is a place where you can, if you listen closely, hear the wheels of progress turning, feel the genius of invention at work.

There is a mindset that there will always be a solution to a believes problem. It is the same one that will not take “no” for an answer. This is the mindset that keeps looking after the others have called the project impossible. It is the same mind-set from which all the world’s greatest inventions have come. A little luck. A whole lot of perseverance. A different way of approaching a problem.

This is the attitude that leads us to solutions. Sometimes customers refer to them as miracles. There is a technology developed over the last ten years that gets better with each project. Today, our slitting and rewinding systems are state-of-the-art in design and technology, as they must be to handle the ever-growing number of new materials and products. Accuracy, speed, dependability…these are goals we share with our customers. Electronics is a key element in our processing equipment. It’s the element that enables equipment to perform complex tasks with razor sharp accuracy.

We consider it of such importance that we have our own electronic design and programming department in house. That assures a high level of reliability, and easy serviceability should a problem arise with customer equipment in the field. There is a solution to your production problem. And it begins by giving us a clear description of what you are trying to accomplish. We want to be as close to the problem as your are. To share with you the challenge of getting the production on line. We understand manufacturing processes, and that helps us create innovative solutions to the tough problems your face. Need a full automatic machine that will cut roll materials? We have the solution.

Need a machine that will apply transfer tape over the messages? We have the solution. Maybe you just need a simple roll cutter and rewinder for your shipping department. We have that too. There is a time for taking the steps necessary to accomplish your goals, even your wildest dreams. That time is now, and we have the best team you could chose to go and work on your project. For slitting, rewinding, and cold lamination, you can count on T.E.M.A. for the best solution. What’s more, you’ll probably be surprised at how economical our solution will be. That means quicker return on your investment and the sooner you will be ready to buy your next machine from us. Think about what you want to accomplish next in your plant. Then call and tell us about it.